Four Months with Stella

1 Posted by - June 27, 2013 - Kids, Where are Cole & Stella?


Stella turned four months old today — the day when DOMA was overturned. It’s these historic moments when you look at your kids and realize for everything that’s messed up in the world,  things are changing. It’s taking a long time to make it happen legally, but as society, our hearts have changed, and that’s a powerful thing. Stella will grow up in a world were people in love can get married. She will never know a world that was ever any different. I have two friends in Boston who are a married gay couple with two kids, who are now recognized federally. It’s about family. It’s also about love, like all those mixed citizenship same sex couples out there, that are unable to ever live in the US with their spouse, because until today, you couldn’t get a green card for your same sex partner. The world is changing. It’s frustrating sometimes, it feels like we’re going backwards but progress is being made.

In other news, Stella is four months old. I take writing breaks specifically to kiss those chubby cheeks. She’s so delicious right now, Drew and I just take turns with her, saying, “Here, hold her, she’s amazing.”


  • Kim

    Those cheeks! She is adorable, Christine. I understand why I sometimes have a desire to actually eat babies. (that sounds creepy, you know what I mean).

    • Christine Gilbert

      I used to say that too! Now I just eat her. I eat her toes, her face, all of it, because she’s mine and I get to. LOL.

  • Hannah

    You and Drew make the cutest babies ever. That last line just made my heart smile :)

  • Margaret | Destination Here&Now

    I have a desire to sniff them Kim. Does that sound even creepier. Ditto what Hannah said.

  • Patricia Sands

    Sweeet! And yes, you will never forget the date of this momentous decision (following Canada’s lead, I’m proud to say …). Now if we could just solve environmental issues and stop war …

  • Alexia

    I know exactly how you feel.. My daughter was 2 in 2008 and on election night I held onto her and cried while Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech as I thought about the fact that she would grow up in a world where one more stupid barrier to inequality had been felled and would never know any differently.

    • Christine Gilbert

      I know it’s amazing. I cried that night too, but Cole hadn’t even been born yet, it’s crazy to think both of my kids have grown up with Obama as president. It’s such a different world than even 20 years ago.

  • Vi

    It IS a wonderful day in so many ways! Change is good!

  • Kathleen

    What a cutie!! And I agree – sometimes I look at my son and feel anxious over one day sending him out in the big wide world. Sometimes it feels as if it is all just going to hell.

    Then, there are moments when I realize he will be ok. Because while it isn’t perfect, society can be surprising at times and there are just as many wonderful things happening and amazing people to meet as there are hideous ones.

    Enjoy your time with your little ones!

  • Jason Pelker

    Come visit us in Guanajuato! Yeah!

  • Ragnar

    Gorgeous pictures… I just had dinner and now I’m hungry again z.z

  • Kristen

    Oh man… as I eat my granola bar and pretzels for lunch today, I am so jealous of the amazing food you got to eat.

  • Corinne Vail

    I miss Mexican food…although I haven’t really tried all the ones you mention, I know they are good, because my mouth is watering!

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma

    LOVE these photos!!! What an awesome road trip!

  • camorose

    Gorgeous photos! (So excited about your new camera!!!) And holy moly–THAT FOOD. THOSE VIEWS. I’ve never really dreamt of a Mexican road trip before–but I think that might change before you’re through :)

  • Connye Griffin

    When we left Sayulita for mountain ranges, we drove up to Compostela, a home of coffee growers and a thriving town square. On another day, we chose San Sebastian, a tiny village with the most charming shady path into a tiny town square and ranchers gathered for noon meals. I recommend both places, very different in size, but each lovely.

  • Sarah Blinco

    Love this, thanks for sharing your adventure :)

  • Carmel & Shawn

    Pacifico is my favorite too! Way better than Corona.

    I am seriously craving Mexican food now. You’re in the part of the country where my mom’s family is from, so all that food is looking very familiar and comforting right now. Mmm…

  • Catherine McHugh

    Sounds like a great day, and some great food by the looks of it too :)

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