The Resistance is Coming!

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First, yesterday, I wrote about something I think is really brilliant, but it’s hard to get people to take the little extra step and get involved. So go read yesterday’s post. Make a $5 contribution, leave a comment on that post and I will match every $5 donation from now until the end of the campaign. See, now you have an incentive. Go.

Then come back, because it’s still the Bilingual Summer, where I’m trying to learn Spanish, a bunch of folks have joined me either on DuoLingo (it’s totally free) or in their own studies to focus on doing a little bit, every day to start learning a second language of their choice. The original post is here.

It’s June, it’s getting hot and you know what I feel? LIKE NOT STUDYING. (It’s 88 F and 75% humidity…)

At all. It’s like an emotional brick wall where I’m like, ugh, and I scrunch up my nose and I’m like, really, really? Do I have to?

Am I the only one? I’m looking at the DuoLingo scores of people who added me and it looks like we’re all… slow…ing… down.

That’s the thing with language learning, is that everyone would do it, except it’s hard, and just as you’re on a roll, your brain starts rejecting this new language and you hit the first big hurdle: Resistance!

Cole and his box. Oh and a brick wall.

This is so my child.

If you’re not careful, resistance turns into quitting.

So then I thought… hmmm… how can I get everyone re-energized about this? What if we change the goal?

Maybe it’s the idea of ‘learning a language’ that is too daunting. It’s really big. It seems like it will take forever. Maybe the goal could just be:


I will finish all 25 levels in DuoLingo for my language.


Somehow that feels like something I can do. That’s it. Fluent? Learning? Who knows. That’s not your job. Your job is to do a little bit, every day, and to keep going.

Here’s the challenge:

There are 25 levels to DuoLingo. If you finish before Labor Day, September 2, 2013, then you can enter yourself into the “Bilingual Summer Giveaway”. I’ll be picking winners randomly from the entries, but let me say this: there will be free travel involved.

How to Enter:

There are three parts:

1. Add me (Christine Gilbert) as a friend on DuoLingo before August 1, 2013.

2. Add a comment to this post before August 1, 2013 with all these things:

A) The language you are learning

B) Your current city

C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language you’re learning

If you don’t do all those steps, then your entry won’t count!!

3. Use DuoLingo over the summer and finish all 25 levels before September 2, 2013. After August 1st, 2013 we’ll have another post for you to comment on when you finish all 25 levels.


(By the way I have to do this in three steps so people don’t cheat and just use some fluent dude’s DuoLingo account and claim to have completed that language this summer when they didn’t. I need proof that it’s your account (adding me), that you learned it this summer (commenting now) and that you did all 25 levels (commenting at the end of the summer). If you are not using DuoLingo at all and want to enter, there will be a way to do that too. Details to follow.)

PS: Interested sponsors can email me.

QUESTION: how do you beat language learning resistance?

  • Lauren Hesterman

    Resistance with a capital R is exactly the tune my brain is screaming right about now. Heat, summer, rivers, margaritas… it’s all wearing on my motivation. But, YES, now is the time to persevere. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  • Carmel

    Ok, ok!

    I don’t know if I’ll accomplish this or not, but it’s worth a shot. It’ll give me something else to focus on besides all the crap we need to do before we leave.

    A) The language you are learning
    Spanish and French (sort of)
    B) Your current city
    Portland, Oregon
    C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language you’re learning
    Spain and Mexico

    Follow me too so I can have some more competition!

  • maibrit

    Ok – I’m in!! :)

    A) Spanish (for the challenge)
    Portuguese and French (just for fun)
    I already know Italian and German

    B) small mountain village in South Tyrol, Italy

    C) Central America – especially Mexico to visit all the ancient Maya ruins!! And Honduras, for the amazing diving, oh and also Costa Rica, I just love rainforests!

    my duolingo profile:

    Thanks and I’m looking forward to the bilingual summer challenge!

  • Jennifer McLean

    I’m glad you posted this challenge and I have been doing pretty well with french. (I’m listed as Southernbelle 5 – I’m trying to catch up to Drew). We will be going to France in July so I’m hoping this will help :)

    A) The language you are learning: French

    B) Your current city: Lumberton

    C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language you’re learning: France

    D) Please use your real email address, I can’t contact you if you don’t. Put email in comment box. Does this count?

    • Christine Gilbert

      RE: D) email yes, in the comment field — believe it or not I’ve had people use < – or something fake then they WIN and I can’t contact them. People are crazy. :)

  • Amy Spoede

    I’ve been using Duolingo for a little while. Maybe this will give me some motivation to complete it! :)

    A) I’m learning Spanish

    B) Kansas City, MO

    C) Guatemala because my fiance is from there. And I will be able to speak Spanish with him.

  • Kari Sower

    Hola Christine!

    I started your bilingual summer challenge back when you originally announced it and it’s been so nice to have you and your blog for inspiration! I actually took this spring and summer off from grad school in order to travel and finally learn Spanish. I’m using Duolingo to brush up before I go to Oaxaca next month for 3 weeks of language immersion. So…

    A) I am learning Spanish.

    B) I am currently in Chicago.

    c) If I could go anywhere (and had unlimited time off!) I would hike around South America for a few months or hang out along the beaches in Spain. Or beach hop in Mexico and hike Spain. I’m flexible.


    My Duolingo profile is:

  • Susan

    Ok. I am totally in. Learning Spanish. I want to go to Argentina- Buenos Aires and a trek of Aconcagua is the big dream. And adventures in between the two because they are on opposite sides of the country. 25 levels? Easy! Like a big video game. I <3 video games. I WILL beat this super-Boss.

  • Carrie

    I’m a nanny and working on learning Spanish with the kids over the summer to get ready for a trip to Spain! We tried last year for our Costa Rica trip, but the kids never got beyond the basics and I stopped studying after the trip. I hope this will help kick my butt into gear!

    A) The language you are learning: Spanish

    B) Your current city: Austin, TX

    C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language you’re learning: I’ve always wanted to explore the ancient ruins in Mexico!

  • Kristina

    I actually already speak Spanish fairly well, but can’t write it to save my life, so I’m using this as an opportunity to work on that part of it and to learn new vocabulary that I didn’t previously know. And just to keep practicing because it’s so easy to forget when you don’t speak regularly. I’m also trying to recover all those years of high school French, but that’ll be a secondary goal for me.

    A) Spanish

    B) Pasadena, CA

    C) Costa Rica would be my top choice, since my husband and I just spent about 2 months traveling through South America!!

  • Chris Vervaeke

    Challenge accepted!

    Been working on Duolingo for about a month now, way better than Rosetta Stone.

    a) Spanish
    b) Guatemala, subject to change, do not fold or bend.
    c) Patagonia or Tierra del fuego is my current goal!

  • Susan

    A) I am learning (or re-learning) Spanish after a several year hiatus. Really, I should have thanked you for referring me to Duolingo earlier!, but instead I just lurked around sketchily! I have Rosetta Stone, too, but as words and old lessons come back to me through studying, I appreciate the test-out feature of Duolingo more and more.

    B) I am back in Austin, Texas, my birthplace!

    C) The major reason I have for reconnecting with the Spanish language is simply traveling to places within my own state or community where Spanish is the major language. For instance, there is a fabulous taco truck *on my street* that I have to order from with gestures, body language, and broken Spanish because I don’t speak the common tongue. When I think about all the Germans who speak Turkish, all the Thais that speak English, etc., I feel so ashamed that I haven’t nailed Spanish once and for all! Also, the roads between US and Mexican border towns are growing safer again, and I can’t wait to drive to Matamoros for music and drinks, like I used to. (I know most of Mexico is safe, and has been safe over the last decade, but the border areas in Texas have suffered from elevated levels of violence for several years and it makes my partner nervous.)

  • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

    Hey Christine, for those of us overachievers who are learning more than one language via Duolingo, is it possible to earn multiple entries?

    • Christine Gilbert

      Yes if you complete all 25 levels in any language, each one will count as an entry!

      • Steph (@ 20 Years Hence)

        Sweet! I’m using it to get my decrepit French back to fluent levels & to learn Spanish. So:

        A) Languages: French & Spanish
        B) Current city: Ayutthaya, Thailand (but this is going to change all summer long as we travel through Thailand & Indonesia)
        C) We’ll be visiting France sometime in 2014, and likely Spain, too. Also, we want to travel through Mexico, South & Central America on our next extended trip, so Spanish would likely be an asset, I’m thinking…

  • Jac

    Bilingual summer is a great idea, I’ve added you as a friend! I’m @jac_theocctrav, and I’m way behind everyone else in terms of progress…

    A) Language: Spanish

    B) Current city: Singapore

    C) Where I want to go: Anywhere in South America, which is why I’m doing this in the first place!

  • Kate

    Hi Christine, you are keeping us inspired and my Spanish teacher will thank you when I get back from my summer holidays. I fell off the wagon last week but I am back on again and moving through level 7.
    1) My language is Spanish
    2) My current home town is Palma de Mallorca
    3) I would love to go to Venezuela (really I just want to talk to my neighbours)
    Let the games begin!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Christine, I accept the challenge. You’re also very right about that language wall…I have started slowing down, lol.

    A) Languages: Spanish and Japanese

    B) Current city: Saint Louis, MO

    C) Travel: My goals are Spain, Mexico, Chile and Japan.

  • Priscilla

    Brilliant blog! A) Im learning spanish. B) Im currently in Sydney, Australia. C) We plan to either visit Mexico or live somewhere in Spain for a while.

  • Barbara

    Oh poo, DuoLingo doesn’t do Vietnamese. I was motivated to try it again after reading your post but I think I’m going to slide back into apathy again. I have “survival” Vietnamese, meaning I can order food and beer and have a general chat about family life but nothing deeper than that. And most people talk much too fast for me because they have no experience dealing with someone who’s learning their language.

    • Christine Gilbert

      The should be expanding this year, but yeah bummed they don’t have Mandarin or Arabic either :(

  • Idun

    A) I’m learning German

    B) Kristiansand, Norway

    C) I’d like to go pretty much anywhere in Germany

  • Monica

    Christine, there are actually only 14 levels in Spanish. I get really motivated by the levels and when I was at the end of 14 a few weeks ago I pushed myself to get to level 15. When I did, I was congratulated on completing the Duolingo skill tree. Now I can brush up on my skills, but there are no further levels to complete. I’ve started working on French, but I really want to get fluent in Spanish so I’m bummed that there aren’t any more Spanish levels!

    • Christine Gilbert

      INTERESTING! Well this just got a lot easier… I wonder what the other languages have… I’ll have to email Duolingo because their website says 25!

  • Cassie

    Count me in! Great idea indeed.

    1) Spanish
    2) Launceston, Tasmania (Australia)
    3) Colombia – my husband’s family live there and we’re heading back in April staying for around 12 months. We also have a 3-year-old and I want to make sure she learns the language. I mean, she will HATE us one day if we never teach her and she had the chance to be fluent. So I’m polishing up my Spanish so that we can start incorporating more Spanish into our everyday lives now ready for next year.

  • Katrine Carstens

    1) French
    2) Montreux, Switzerland
    3) Morocco – I have always wanted to visit this intriguing country and think doing with at least a working knowledge of French will make a visit so much more exciting. Also, living in the French part of Switzerland more French will get me a long way!

  • Katrine Carstens

    In fact – I’d like to thank you for getting me back on track. I started Duolingo a while ago and for some reason just haven’t used it for a few weeks. Doing a level now, despite the heat:-)

  • Betty Bake

    1. Add me (Christine Gilbert) as a friend on DuoLingo before August 1, 2013. DONE

    2. Add a comment to this post before August 1, 2013 with all these things:

    A) The language you are learning – GERMAN

    B) Your current city – CAPE TOWN

    C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language you’re learning – GERMANY OR SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE – YES PLEASE

  • Jessica

    I’m learning Spanish (my son is in a dual language immersion school so I have been trying to keep up with him!). I am currently in Louisville, Kentucky and next summer I would love to spend at least a month in Costa Rica (or really any Spanish-speaking country where we can rent a house cheaply, get internet access so we can work, and enjoy the outdoors while practicing our Spanish as a family.) Thanks for the kick in the butt. I have been halfway learning spanish for a year or so. You’ve encouraged me to really dig in!

  • Caitlin

    A) I am trying to learn Italian. So far I stink at it.

    B) I live in Lake Bluff, Illinois (a north shore suburb of Chicago)

    C) Roma of course!

  • Marissa

    A) Learning Spanish

    B) Boston, MA but I’m moving to Colombia for a year on July 3rd

    C) Colombia! I’m going there to teach English but hoping to improve my Spanish along the way!

  • Valarie

    Finally back at the station so I can comment (I’m a paramedic)…for some reason I couldn’t get to the comment section on my phone. I started Duolingo a week or so ago, and have been faltering. Your challenge has inspired me to get my backside in gear! Thank you! Now to answer the questions:

    A) Italian

    B) New Castle, Delaware (in the historic area, very cool)

    C) I lived in Rome, Italy in my early 20′s for 6 months (I was supposed to attending classes but…uh, didn’t always make it…lol). I’ve wanted to return for the longest time…the culture, food and art is in my soul. I had promised my son (who is almost 20) that we would go when he graduated high school. Unfortunately finances didn’t allow for it. I am now aiming for when he graduates from college…2-3 years from now. We want to do spend 3-4 weeks there, renting a condo I found just outside of Florence, and then travel around from there. But mostly, the ability to “immerse” ourselves into the culture will be invaluable.

  • Irina

    Love it!

    a) Spanish
    b) Salt Lake City, UT
    c) Espana

  • Amanda

    Well, this will prompt me to actually work on learning (like I always claim I will).

    A) German, then hopefully onto French, Italian & Spanish

    B) Nashville, TN (approaching the 1 year mark… It’s still weird after spending 6.5 years in Germany to be a US resident again)

    C) Traben-Trarbach, Germany – for wine (& then Austria & Switzerland)

  • Heather N

    This is exciting, Christine! Great idea to offer an incentive and get the whole group moving. I’m so on board with this (notwithstanding the fact that trying to pick one destination for question C is causing me agonies).

    A) Spanish-I started a couple of weeks ago and am on level 5 now.
    B) Currently in Denver, CO
    C) Aaaaarrgghh! Everywhere. Guatemala–I mean Peru–I mean Puerto Rico–uh, no, make that Spain–Portugal–or Chile–Equatorial Guinea–Uruguay–the Western Sahara–Gaaaahhh! Oh, forgot Mexico–duh. And Belize, and Costa Rica. Okay, my one single pick for first destination is SPAIN. I think.

  • Saskia

    1. Check!

    A) Spanish

    B) NYC

    C) Spain

    Such a great idea. I was definitely slowing down a little already!

  • Natalie T

    So excited, thank you Christine for giving me some extra incentive!

    1. Spanish
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Spain!

    My boyfriend and I are battling it out on Duolingo, but this is great fun to add you! :)

  • Dianne Rein

    Sounds like fun. I will give it a try.

    1. Spanish
    2. Rosendale, NY
    3. Peru

    Hopefully it gives me the motivation I need. Thanks.

  • Joya

    This is a good idea! I’m learning French and I currently live in San Francisco. I would love to go back to France because the first and only time I went, I sprained my ankle, felt sick, and it was raining the whole time. I would love a do-over with a better grip of the language in tow!

  • Polona

    What a great idea, love it!
    1. Portuguese
    2. Maribor, Slovenia
    3. Portugal

  • Ellen B

    Thanks for making me aware of Duolingo. I’m not slowing down yet as there are so many other things I should be doing!!

    a) French
    b) Arlington Heights, IL
    c) Somewhere in France I haven’t been — either Bordeaux or the Loire Valley

  • Harley

    I’m in Philly, and I’m learning Spanish. I would love to make it to Peru and Ecuador.

  • Hannah

    I’m only on level 5, so I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m up for the challenge!

    A) I’m learning French
    B) Currently travelling around Cambodia by motorbike
    C) I’d like to go to Rwanda

  • Holly

    A) German

    B) Washington, DC

    C) We just found out my husband is PCSing to Stuttgart Germany. Right now the plan is for me to join him there beginning of September so this is GREAT timing!

    BTW: I found your blog because I’m planning on starting my own business when we move and I’m trying to find information about how to handle taxes while working as a “free range human”…I’m so confused.

  • Tiger

    A) French

    B) Brooklyn, NY

    C) Morocco, Barcelona, Paris, or the French Riviera

    Thanks for the inspiration Christine! As always, you’re brilliant.

  • Tiger

    P.S. : Anyone else want to be Duolingo friends?

  • Beth

    This is awesome… joined Duolingo a few weeks ago when you posted about it before, but here we go:

    A) French
    B) Montreal – so technically I don’t need to travel to a French-speaking place, but…
    C) France. So many places to choose from but we’ll start there.

    I’ve been here in Montreal for years, and have never been able to progress past a low-intermediate level of conversational French (I can read pretty well). There’s some sort of fluency block happening that I’m determined to get past this summer. Thanks for all the great suggestions and help!

  • Rachel Denning

    Woohoo! This is great. I have also been feeling the resistance (in the form of nausea from you-know-what). Now I am re-motivated! Here’s my answers:

    A) Spanish
    B) Guatemala
    C) Argentina or Peru or anywhere in South America really

    And thank you for your very generous donation matching!! You rock.

  • Jessica Horton

    Giving it a shot! I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for years, so hopefully this is the push I need to do it already.

    A) Spanish

    B) Sarasota, Florida

    C) Barcelona would be my #1, followed very, very closely by Buenos Aires.

    (My username is drowsychaperone, btw!)

  • Valerie

    1. Spanish
    2. NYC
    3. España

  • Sarah Somewhere

    I want to thank you for squashing my resistance! I finally downloaded the duolingo app last night and got to level six and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. My confidence levels are up and I realise I am not quite as crap as I thought. I’ll follow you tonight. I’m SarahjaneC.
    A) Spanish
    B) Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    C) Guatemala, Colombia or Argentina.

  • Rachel

    A) The language you are learning:

    B) Your current city
    St. Petersburg, Florida

    C) Where you’d want to travel to if you could go anywhere that speaks the language
    you’re learning
    I would love to go to Chile, Peru, or Argentina

  • Sarah

    I’m in! My username is sarahyazgul if anyone wants to be friends there. I’m really trying to learn some more Turkish, which Duolingo doesn’t have – recently home from Istanbul where my limited vocabulary and shaky command of only one verb tense made life with my non-English speaking cousins both challenging and hilarious. I have a book and some CDs for that, and took a continuing ed course at university a few years ago, but still looking some useful online resources. In the meantime I’m using Duolingo to brush up on my French and keep myself occupied while looking for a new job.

    a) French
    b) St. Catharines, Canada
    c) I’d love to go to Morocco, or Champagne or the Loire Valley in France.

  • Sara

    I’m in!! I also joined Duolingo a few weeks ago when you blogged about it previously.

    a) French
    b) I’m currently in California, the bay area specifically.
    c). I’d love to visit Quebec as I have never been, but I’d also love to revisit France. :)

  • Marion Vermazen

    Count me in!
    My Duolingo user name is marionvermazen

    I’m learning Spanish

    I live in Reno, Nevada

    I’d love to go to Sevilla, Spain!

  • Novella

    Duolingo: novellanicole
    Indianapolis, IN
    Barcelona, Spain

  • Ana Simona

    I hope this shames me into finishing the levels!
    A. German
    B. Currently in Stuttgart, Germany
    C. The Tyrol area of Austria.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Rebecca Painter

    Hey, I’ve followed your blog for a while now but never commented so I felt I should take this opportunity to tell you how much I love it since I likely won’t comment again soon. Anyway, I’m excited to work on my Spanish this summer and can definitely use this motivation. Thanks for having such an interesting and inspiring blog:)

    1. Spanish
    2. Boise, ID
    3. Spain

  • Élan

    Count me in! This sounds like fun. I think I will focus on French and dabble in Spanish.

    1. French and a little Spanish
    2. Minneapolis, MN, USA
    3. Morocco! I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco. Better yet, I could ace Spanish and French and do a Spain-Morocco trip, then stay in Morocco to work on my Arabic.

    I hope DuoLingo expands and adds Arabic in the future, but French and Spanish will be lots of fun over the summer.

  • Amanda

    The way I have been motivating myself to keep going with it is to do at least one lesson a day – to maintain the so-many days streak. Means that while some days it is not much, at least 5 minutes in that language is good. I do it on the bus, on the train, while cooking breakfast – sneak in the time somewhere :)

    For my entry:
    a.) French
    b.) Melbourne
    c.) I would go to Lyon, France as it is my ‘hometown’ in France and would love to see my host family and my friends again. I feel so guilty for letting my french slip and not being able to talk to them in French anymore so this challenge is motivation to pick my french back up :) Thank you again for this challenge – I’m loving it!

  • Mila

    This is fantastic! 25 levels in DuoLingo is a brilliant, realistic short term goal and far less daunting than learning an entire language. Agreed. Thank you for the inspiration Christine and the free travel opportunity! Thank you Tiger for sharing this with me! xo

    A) French

    B) Hobe Sound, Florida, USA

    C) France

  • Kerry Buchanan

    I’m going to try and finish all 25 levels. Need to work on it more to complete it by September. I started using duolingo when you first wrote about it, I’m kbuchanan89 on it.

    A. French

    B. San Angelo, TX

    C. France

  • Staci Schwarz

    Ok, this is the nudge I needed – I’m in!

    A. French

    B. Des Moines, Iowa

    C. Quebec City

    Here’s to beating the Resistance!

  • Alison Gresik

    Thanks Christine (and Shawn), now I am addicted to this dang website! Oh well, I suppose I could waste my time in worse ways than learning a language.

    A. I’m refreshing my French, and also starting Italian.
    B. Vancouver, BC
    C. Madagascar

  • Lydia

    Okay, I got all inspired a couple weeks ago when I saw your post about Dualingo, and just in the past couple days have really been struggling because I got busy and then today I just got straight lazy.

    A) German

    B) Coppell, TX

    C) Germany would be great, but I’d really love to hit up Austria

  • Molly

    Well, I started French in April or so, but haven’t progressed much over the past couple months, so here perhaps that’ll still count? I’m jolsmack.
    A) Refreshing French, playing around with Italian (though I doubt I’ll finish it any time soon)
    B) Wash DC
    C) Hmm… That’s actually a tough call. I’ve been to France & Morocco… let’s say Belgium?

    Also — I think the highest “level” is 25, but you can finish your tree without achieving all the points to get to 25. I think.

  • Kristin

    a. Spanish
    b. Kirksville, MO
    c. Spain and/or Costa Rica!!

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been wanting to continue on from my little learned college classes, but was not sure how to proceed. I’m excited to try this out!

  • Tina Malen

    A) French

    B) Trondheim, Norway

    C) All the TOM/DOM, Like St Martin, seeing where I am, anywhere warm and out of Europe. A bit closer to home; I would also like to visit Corsica

  • Ellen Marte Solem

    a. Spanish

    b. Stavanger, Norway
    c. Peru!

  • Chrissy Agenor

    This post excites me so much. I love to travel and I love this app!

    I’m learning Spanish. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. I would love to travel to Antigua, Guatemala.


  • Casey Cline

    This is fantastic. I’ve loved using Duolingo since you posted about it. I made my husband sign up so we can compete against each other- instant motivation. :)
    A) I’m learning Spanish (and using it to brush up on French)

    B) Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico near Cabo

    C) Colombia!

  • Alicia Diane

    I’m a little late to the game, but moving to Germany in little over a week, so let’s get this going! A) I’m learning German B) Current city: Midland MI C) Hannover, Germany will be my new town for the next 2 years so lots of incentive to learn! Great challenge, hoping I’ll stay motivated to learn this way! Thanks!

  • Tony

    I am so excited!! Let’s do this!

    A. Spanish
    B. Singapore
    C. Spain

  • definingsomeday

    Great idea, this is the nudge I needed to pick up Duolingo again. Thanks Christine!

    A. Spanish

    B. London (UK)

    C. Chile

  • Guest

    Super excited!

    A) Spanish
    B) London, England
    C) Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Frank V

    Super excited!

    A) Spanish
    B) London, England
    C) Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • vijay

    iam the late partcipent of the game

  • Juan

    Love the challenge! I’m a Duolingo fan. ; )

    A) French
    B) Vancouver, BC
    C) Loire Valley, France

    I just started last week! Hope to complete in a month.

  • Karen Downey

    Am I too late? I just found this post today.
    A. Spanish
    B. cortland ny
    C. Spain with my husband and sons